Far Eastern Travellers

Posted: November 07th 2018

by Andy Bloomfield

One species we truly associate with late autumn at Holkham is the Yellow-browed Warbler. It is a tiny species, barely 10cm long and weighing anything up to nine grams, slightly larger than our Goldcrest; Europe’s smallest bird. Miraculously for a bird so small it migrates here over a distance of over 3000 miles from nesting grounds in the Siberian taiga forests.

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Where Have All the Red Deer Gone?

Posted: October 29th 2018

Visitors may have noticed that the Red Deer who have roamed Holkham deer park for over 10 years, are no longer to be seen. Lord Leicester explains the reasons behind the decision to sell the Holkham herd of Red Deer.

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Watch out for the Birdies

Posted: August 23rd 2018

by Paul Eele, Warden, Holkham NNR

Now a regular sight in the skies over Norfolk, the Marsh Harrier was once incredibly rare bird.

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Treasures and Trophies - An Artist's View

Posted: August 03rd 2018

by David Allsop, Museum Illustrator and Field to Fork Supervisor

This year’s exhibition in Holkham Hall, Treasures & Trophies, follows the footsteps of Thomas Coke on his Grand Tour in the early 18th century. Last winter I was delighted to be asked to create some artistic interpretation for the exhibition and the curators and I came up with many weird and wonderful ideas, some of which came to fruition!

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An Emergence of Dragons

Posted: July 11th 2018

by Andy Bloomfield

Working on the marshes we encounter many sights and sounds, some that many people never even come close to witnessing. One of the real marvels of nature for me is seeing the abundance and variety of dragon and damsel flies that methodically hunt for smaller insect prey up and down our dykes and around our fresh water pools.

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A Spring that Has finally sprung

Posted: June 20th 2018

by Andy Bloomfield

After the cold start to the spring, the weather

finally started to warm up in early May before all too quickly it all turned
very autumnal. Well, that was how it seemed as when May came to a close cold
north easterly winds and then days of sea mist set in. It did truly seem like
October on some days! Spring can be a really magical time on the reserve – not
only are most of our resident birds nesting but butterflies and flowers are
emerging and starting to bring welcome splashes of colour to the landscape.

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A Repton Landscape

Posted: June 11th 2018

This year marks the 200th anniversary of Humphry Repton’s death. A renowned landscape gardener who was commissioned by the 1st Earl of Leicester of the 2nd creation to reimagine the pleasure grounds of the lake. Take a walk down to the lake in Holkham park and see the stand we have erected to commemorate his work.

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An Arrival of Cranes

Posted: May 02nd 2018

by Andy Bloomfield, Warden at Holkham NNR

Cranes are large stately birds. With their long necks and legs they could be described as looking rather heron like. They can however stand up to 2.2 metres tall which makes them over twice the height of a Grey Heron!

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