Katherine's Favourite Five Holkham Treasures

Posted: June 04th 2020

by Katherine Hardwick

Holkham Hall is absolutely full of wonderful treasures and each time you visit you are bound to discover something you’ve never seen before. While we are closed, we have asked the hall team to take us on a little tour of their top five favourite treasures and we will start with Katherine Hardwick, Collections Co-ordinator.

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Folly, or not a folly? That is the question.

Posted: June 02nd 2020

by Mac Graham

To the east of Holkham Hall, looking from the south, is a strange structure with no roof. It throws the symmetrical, Palladian, façade of the hall somewhat out of kilter. It is clearly not part of Thomas Coke’s original scheme of things. So, what is it?

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Palladianism for Beginners

Posted: May 25th 2020

by Sophie Coles, Marketing

A house can tell you so much about its owner, designer, and its purpose. The first questions that spring to mind when you see such a house are often: How old is it? Who built it? Who designed it? Why did they build it?

One way we can begin to answer these questions is by looking at its architectural style. Architectural styles are used to describe the building, to give an idea of what it looks like. Once you know what to look out for, you can then start to understand more about who lives and lived there.

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Kevin Levy - My Favourite Painting

Posted: May 22nd 2020

by Kevin Levy, Hall Stewards Team

Kevin Levy, one of Holkham Hall’s room stewards, tells the story of his favourite painting in the hall, and quite a gory story it is too!

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Holkham Bricks Story

Posted: May 21st 2020

by David Allsop, Holkham Stories

Over last winter, much planning, research, creativity, building and painting went on to transform what was the ‘Field to Fork Experience’ into the ‘Holkham Stories Experience’. While you are unable to visit in person to enjoy the new displays, we are sharing some of our favourite Holkham Stories with you to enjoy at home. Here is the wonderful Holkham bricks story.

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Spotlight on the Temple

Posted: May 18th 2020

by Emma Bushell, Marketing

A short history of this wonderful building which can be found hidden in Holkham park.

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Majestic Bronze Lions Greet Visitors to the Hall

Posted: May 15th 2020

by Lucy Purvis, Archives

Holkham Archivist, Lucy Purvis, studies the lion and lioness statues that stand at the north entrance and delves deeper into the reasons for their existence.

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Walking in the Footsteps of Thomas Coke

Posted: May 11th 2020

by Lucy Purvis, Archivist

Join Lucy Purvis, Holkham’s archivist, as she travels to Italy to see some of the sumptuous palaces and private villas that Thomas Coke visited on his grand tour.

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