Why to say I Do in Autumn

Posted: April 17th 2020

by Belle Hutton

Why to say I Do in Autumn

While the warmer months of Spring and Summer may seem like they would be the most popular seasons to tie the knot, according to recent research the most popular month for a wedding is actually in October! While there are pros and cons to getting married at any time of the year, here at Holkham we think there is something special about autumnal weddings with so much to offer during the months of September through to November. Below we will guide you through some of the many reasons why you should get married in the fall.

The Autumn Glow
The moment September rolls around it brings with it a romantic golden glow, a photographer’s dream when it comes to capturing the perfect wedding photographs. Here at Holkham you will be spoilt for choice with outdoor photo locations whether it be the glorious oak trees on the grounds that become alive during Autumn, the Walled Garden with pretty plants and light-filled Victorian greenhouses dotted around or a romantic sunset over the lake. The soft golden Autumnal light has a certain way of casting a luminous radiance across everyone creating the perfect setting to capture magical photos that will be treasured forever.

Rich and Romantic Colour Palettes
The colours in nature are spectacular at this time of the year with an abundance of leaves turning into brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. This creates the perfect opportunity to play around with rich jewel tones and warming colours in everything from bridesmaid’s dresses to flower arrangements and room décor.

Autumnal Flowers
If you love flowers then an Autumn wedding is for you as there are many exciting options to work with around this time of the year, with even more floral possibilities than with a Spring wedding! Colours can range from rustic oranges, bright reds, pinks and purples to rich plums, greens and burgundies. Why not also think about adding extra interest to your flower displays through the use of berries, seed heads and the colourful seasonal foliage that surrounds you.

Availability of Guests
Guest lists can create headaches in anyone’s wedding planning but it’s something that’s important to get right. One of the main advantages of hosting a wedding in Autumn is the availability of guests. Fewer people will be on holiday in the Autumn compared to the summer months and as guests will not have to work around their pre-planned summer vacations it is more likely that they will be able to attend your wedding.

The Weather
Hosting a wedding in the Autumn can provide the perfect balance of weather, the days are still long and it is the perfect mixture of not too cold or too hot. Avoiding the inevitable summer heatwave will allow guests to stay cool during the ceremony and drinks reception while preventing bridesmaids and groomsmen from overheating in their glamorous attire.

Autumn Dress
These agreeable weather conditions in Autumn provides the perfect excuse for the bride and groom and their guests to experiment with more diverse outfit styles and add some pizzazz to their wedding day attire. Brides will have the option of wearing elegant long-sleeved dresses accessorised with a cute faux fur shrug without the fear of overheating in the summer sun, while grooms can opt for a layered look or don a vintage top hat. The style options are endless in the Autumn.

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