Volunteers' Week - Introducing John Cattrall

Posted: June 03rd 2021

by John Cattrall - Hall Volunteer

It is hard to believe that we’ve only had our ‘hall vollies’, as they are affectionately known, for just two years, they certainly have become part of the collection of treasures inside the hall! This Volunteers’ Week, we are giving thanks to our volunteers and highlighting the invaluable work they do.

Meet John, and hear about the tasks he has carried out over the past few years.

“I have been part of the ‘Great (Hall) Experiment’ since it began two years ago.

Smile as you work! John in the Fabric Room
Smile as you work! John in the Fabric Room

The experiment, a group of volunteers working in the hall’s libraries at Holkham, to catalogue, clean, ‘repair’ and conserve the many ancient books within the various rooms - two years later, it is still going strong. Within these two years, our work has expanded to different areas of the hall and new projects and is as diverse as my current job, mapping and cataloguing the damaged floor tiles in the Marble Hall.

I have volunteered in a few places, but the level of respect and appreciation shown by the staff here far exceeds anywhere I have worked before. Coming here is enjoyable for many reasons, not just the pleasure of working in an amazing location, the variety and the people, but also the high level of positive feedback and being treated as a valued member of the Holkham team. They feed us too!”

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