Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 2

Posted: November 23rd 2020

by Sophie Twyford

Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 2

The project at the Samuel Wyatt Vinery has made considerable progress over the past month, with the vast majority of dismantling works now complete. All of the timber frame for the glasshouse section has now been removed and repairs to its 103 windows have begun. Some windows are being repaired on site while others have been taken to workshops to be restored. After the repairs are completed, they will be coated or dipped in linseed oil which helps to preserve the timber.

All windows from the north elevation have now also been removed and replaced with temporary polycarbonate to keep the building weatherproof. Roofers Traditional Lead Roofing have removed the slates and leadwork from the roof to allow repairs to the rafters which will be carried out over the next few weeks.

Inside the vinery, the rooms are starting to look dramatically different. The retrofitted stud partitions between rooms have been removed and our lime plasterer has begun to take off sections of loose plaster. He has made some interesting discoveries, such as an arched brick detail above one door and three brown long-eared bats hiding in the lath above the beautiful central fan light! The bats were all healthy and were relocated by a specialist ecologist from Natural England to another bat box not far from the vinery.

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