How to Choose a Wedding Venue - A Guide

Posted: June 07th 2019

by Belle Hutton

How to Choose a Wedding Venue - A Guide

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most exciting yet complicated parts of getting married. Having eagerly pawed their way through hundreds of wedding magazines or spent hours lost in a maze of Pinterest boards, couples often find themselves so overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration that they struggle to pin-point what kind of wedding venue they need to make their vision a reality. Prioritising the logistics and practicalities of your big day is a critical part of choosing the right venue. Read on for our step-by-step guide to making the right decision…

Lock in your location

Whilst the big day is nearly all about you, one of the priorities should be to think about your guests. Friends and family should be able to reach your wedding without too much trouble and have some good accommodation options available to them should then need to stay the night.

Couples looking for a Norfolk wedding venue will know that Holkham is one of East Anglia’s most spectacular stately home venues. Because Holkham has six individually licenced venue options – all within different spaces and places across the estate – it is also one of the region’s most flexible.

Holkham’s convenient location near to Norwich and Kings Lynn and good accessibility from London and Cambridge make it one of the most popular choices for weddings in Norfolk. In addition, the estate-owned Victoria Inn in Holkham Village provides top-notch hotel rooms for wedding guests meaning all logistical bases are covered.

Play The Numbers Game

Your guest list will dictate the kind of space you need so it’s best to decide how many friends and family you want to invite from the get-go. Holkham can fit up to 170 in the Marble Hall, up to 100 in the Statue Gallery and, for more intimate events, there is the Saloon accommodating 80 or the North State Room for 50. Those looking to super-size their special day can opt for the new Lady Elizabeth Wing which has space for up 250. Holkham Park by the Lake and the Walled Garden can accommodate marquees so are also good options for larger parties.

Consider the Costs

One of the most crucial considerations when it comes to choosing a venue is budget. Couples keeping an eye on the purse strings should opt for a set package so they can ensure costs stay simple and contained – Holkham’s bells and whistles Clifford Package starts from £11,500. Those with more flexibility on expenditure can opt for a bespoke wedding where the sky is the limit.

Focus on The Ceremony

Arguably the ceremony itself is the most important part of any wedding day. Before getting side-tracked by table settings and flowers work out what you want from your ceremony to help narrow down your venue requirements.

Opting for a civil ceremony? Look to Holkham’s spectacular State Rooms: The Statue Gallery contains one of the most complete collections of classical statuary in a private home in Britain. Leaning towards a traditional church service? Investigate availability at Holkham’s own St. Withburga’s Church. Or perhaps you’re after something utterly unusual in which case a candlelit service for 25 people at the picturesque woodland Temple should do the trick.

Settle on a Style

Considering what style or theme of the wedding you’d like will also help select the right venue. If you’re aiming to max-out on stately grandeur consider Holkham’s spectacular Hall – inspired by the Pantheon in Rome the ceiling rises to 50 feet and is one of the grandest halls in Europe. The classical State Rooms will also wow your guests. If you’re looking for a rural idyll setting then look to the estate’s lake, woodland or deer park for a marquee setup. You may be hoping for a slick and contemporary style in which case the state-of-the-art Lady Elizabeth Wing is a top choice and one of the most sought after wedding venues near Norwich.

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