Holkham Walled Garden Add to Its Ranks

Posted: September 11th 2018

by Dene Wood, Head Gardener

Holkham Walled Garden Add to Its Ranks

This month we are fortunate enough to be able to add to our ranks. Thanks to a collaboration with the HBGTP (Historical Botanical Gardens Training Programme) we were able to offer Martin Griffin, a resident of Norwich (originally from Dorset) a one-year placement at Holkham.

Martin is the first apprentice of his type at Holkham, so we are very pleased to be able to work with the HBGTP on this. The HBGTP (Formerly the HBGBS) allow aspiring horticulturalists an opportunity to earn a full-time wage whilst learning their trade in one of many wonderful gardens throughout the UK. Holkham is one of only a dozen gardens selected to support a trainee, so we are privileged to be among this number. It is hoped that during his year with Holkham, Martin will gain the skills necessary to launch his career in horticulture. To this end, Martin will complete three projects, learn 500+ plants (including the Latin names) and keep a technical journal during his time with us.

There is a well-documented skills shortage in the industry and replacing the time served veterans with younger blood is absolutely essential if were are to keep skills and techniques alive for future generations. Schemes like the HBGBS and pragmatic employers such as Holkham help to keep this bank of knowledge alive.

Martin has experience working in the garden nursery sector and has done some gardening in Norwich also. Martin will bring not only an extra pair of hands to the team but also a reminder of the crucial role that learning, recording and observing have in our Industry.

I, myself was privileged enough to enjoy an apprenticeship with the HBGBS at Chatsworth House. The year absolutely flew by and was foundational to my career. Let’s wish the same for Martin. Good luck.

Dene Wood
Head Gardener

Martin Griffin
Martin Griffin

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