Add a Touch of Elegance to your Wedding Day

Posted: April 02nd 2019

by Guest Blogger - Zöe Anderton

Add a Touch of Elegance to your Wedding Day

You’ve booked the venue, the photographer, you’ve got the dress. You’re now looking at those little extras that will make your wedding memorable and unique. The things that will have your guests reminiscing long after your wedding day.

Music can often be one of the last considerations for couples planning a wedding, but can be the ingredient that lifts it from the ordinary. Maybe you have ‘your song’, the song that means so much to you as a couple, that you plan to have played on a phone or a CD player. The introduction will start, the emotions and tender feelings will bring that first lump to the throat. The first signs of tears will be suppressed.

Consider how much more magical that moment could be with a live musician. A live musician can react to what is going on in the moment, to the unexpected, to the delayed moments, to the silences, to ensure that treasured memories are made and not spoilt. A live musician can enhance and add class to your special day.

As a Wedding Harpist of more than twenty years, I have been a part of these special moments that will be treasured always. Visually, the harp is elegant and ornamental to look at. The sound conjures up a feeling of warmth, peace and romance. It creates a calm and serene atmosphere, fitting for key moments in peoples’ lives. Of all the instruments, the harp is the one that has the wow factor as guests arrive on a wedding day.

Although traditionally seen in a more Classical light, the harp is a versatile instrument that transfers well to contemporary music. The majority of songs requested by couples on their wedding day today will include ones by artists such as Ed Sheeran, John Legend, Coldplay and Oasis. Some couples ask for Opera, some Disney, some want Queen…whatever the request, a range of styles can be played to appeal to the multi-generations that are in attendance.

Specific requests can be catered for. One Bride in a recent wedding asked for an Arabic Song to be played as she walked down the aisle. She commented after the wedding ‘... it’s been an important traditional song since childhood for me, and you made it all happen, so I am forever grateful’.

The harp is a portable instrument, it can be moved to various locations at the venue, whether it is indoors or in a shaded area outside. It requires no amplification or sockets to be played. It can serve as a focal point or as background music.

All in all, the harp captures a little piece of heaven in one of life’s most defining moments. The following feedback received, sum up the difference the harp can make to a Wedding.

’ many of my friends and family came up to me to say how much they appreciated this beautiful music and I couldn’t agree more. It really made a difference to our day. I loved walking down to All of Me by John Legend, it was such a special moment in my life and the harp made it even more beautiful!’

‘It was really lovely having you there playing and it helped make our day even more special. Lots of the guests commented on how great you were and one of our friends said that it made her feel like she was in some kind of magical dream with your harp music floating beautifully across the grounds.’

Consider the value that quality music can bring to your special day, without breaking the bank.

Zöe Anderton

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