2020 Wedding Predictions | Holkham

Posted: October 15th 2019

by Belle Hutton

2020 Wedding Predictions | Holkham

The hot word on everyone’s lips around the world is sustainability and this has filtered down into weddings too. Going into 2020 we expect to see an increase in thoughtful and more eco-friendly nuptials. We expect to see brides and grooms opting to use suppliers and produce, banning plastic from the big day or hiring rather than buying wedding decorations. Food and drink at weddings in 2020 will also reflect our changing consumption habits with an increase in vegan and free-from options on the wedding breakfast menu, as well as more varied non-alcoholic drinks.

In a similar vein, less lavish weddings will be an emerging trend for 2020. Couples will be hosting more intimate celebrations with smaller guest lists, prioritising those who really matter. Led by the over-arching trend for increased self-care and wellness that sees us assess who and what is really important in life, couples will be putting the same thought into who they invite to their wedding. Weddings haven’t escaped the Brexit effect and this will also impact the size of weddings in 2020. With more couples feeling ‘the pinch’ they will be less extravagant with their spending.

With more intimate weddings comes less formal wedding dresses. Bridal designers have seen a shift away from the popularity of lace towards cleaner fabrics like satin, silk and simpler designs influenced by The Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress. Despite this, brides will still be wanting ‘fairy-tale’ wedding dresses and we expect to see lots more tulle and embroidery in 2020. The Victoriana and Bourgeois trends from the catwalks are already starting to come through in the form of ruffled and high-necked wedding dresses, as we saw on Ellie Goulding. The celebrity bride has also influenced the trend for brides having two dresses, changing into an evening dress or transforming their dress by adding or removing sleeves, a belt or top layer of tulle.

Another knock-on effect of celebrity weddings will be the increase in popularity of stately home weddings in 2020. Wedding venues like our very own Holkham will be seen more and more as the stunning backdrop to in wedding photographs next year. But we will also see a range of wedding venues in the limelight and couples looking for versatile spaces so they can hold ceremonies outdoors and parties indoors. With the possible change in the law to allow outdoor wedding ceremonies, we will be seeing more brides and grooms saying ‘I do’ in forests on beaches and in beautiful walled gardens.

In 2020 couples will be planning weddings that truly suit their characters and personalities. Creating something unique and bespoke that doesn’t follow tradition or blends multi-cultures will be big next year.

When it comes to wedding flowers, the trend for low-key and informal will also be reflected in the bride and grooms’ floral choices. 2020 will bring relaxed, free-flowing flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. While being more sustainable couples will be choosing seasonal flowers, unusual foliage and lots of lovely leafy greens. Colour-wise we predict bright and colourful wedding flowers in 2020. Influenced by Pantone colours of the year, 2019 saw a lot of corals and lovely blushes used to dress wedding venues but florists are predicting even bolder colour choices for 2020.

So overall, we’re very excited about what we’re going to be seeing at weddings in 2020 here at Holkham. We expect to see lots of creativity and very personal wedding celebrations with lots of thoughtful, heartfelt touches.

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