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The Holkham Landscape - a history of incredible plans and big name designers.

Posted: May 29th 2020

by David Allsop - Holkham Stories

The park as we see it today may look natural, but it is the culmination of many years of careful planning and landscaping. Indeed, some of the foremost landscape designers of their day were employed to develop this landscape setting for Thomas Coke’s Palladian mansion.

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Toolbox Talk: The Fountain

Posted: May 28th 2020

by Ryan Mills

You may have seen Holkham Hall’s magnificent fountain shooting sparkling droplets into the sky, but have you ever thought about how it works? In the second ‘toolbox talk’ Ryan, our Houseman, is going to reveal all.

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Holkham Voices Q&A - Lauren Cottis

Posted: May 27th 2020

by Lauren Cottis, The Victoria

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work for Holkham? Who are the people employed in the various businesses and what do they actually do? Here’s your chance to meet the team - every week we are asking a different person to answer a few questions about themselves, their job and Holkham in general. Today, Lauren Cottis from The Victoria takes to the stage.

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A Virtual Buggy Tour of Holkham Park

Posted: May 26th 2020

​We know some of you are missing visiting Holkham Park, and our team have certainly missed seeing you. So they have put together a bit of a whistlestop buggy tour around the park for you to tide you over for a little while! Come on, the sun is shining, the buggy is ready, let’s be off!

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Palladianism for Beginners

Posted: May 25th 2020

by Sophie Coles, Marketing

A house can tell you so much about its owner, designer, and its purpose. The first questions that spring to mind when you see such a house are often: How old is it? Who built it? Who designed it? Why did they build it?

One way we can begin to answer these questions is by looking at its architectural style. Architectural styles are used to describe the building, to give an idea of what it looks like. Once you know what to look out for, you can then start to understand more about who lives and lived there.

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Kevin Levy - My Favourite Painting

Posted: May 22nd 2020

by Kevin Levy, Hall Stewards Team

Kevin Levy, one of Holkham Hall’s room stewards, tells the story of his favourite painting in the hall, and quite a gory story it is too!

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