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How to support friends and acquire collections

Posted: February 18th 2021

by Katherine Hardwick, Collections Coordinator

Thomas William Coke (1754-1842) did a great many things for Holkham, particularly with regards to the wider estate and farmland. Generally, his contribution to the wonderful collection in the hall pales in comparison to that of his ancestor, Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester (1697-1759), who collected the vast majority of what is displayed in the State Rooms. However, Thomas William did add to the collection in a few, meaningful ways.

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New homes at Castle Acre

Posted: February 17th 2021

by Richard Leigh, Construction Manager

Our new construction project to build 15 homes at Castle Acre has started. Find out a little more about the project and what the team have been up to so far.

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Romance in the Air

Posted: February 12th 2021

by Lucy Purvis - Archivist

Holkham Archivist, Lucy, tells us more about Thomas William Coke’s (Coke of Norfolk) days as ‘le Bel Anglais’, and how a young Princess Louise caught his eye whilst on his Grand Tour in Italy. A nod to this fleeting romance, if we can even call it that, can be seen in the hall to this day.

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Jupiter caressing his wife, Juno. A cautionary tale for Valentine’s Day

Posted: February 12th 2021

by Dr Mac Graham, Librarian and Historian

Above the fireplace in the Green State Bedroom – the grandest bedchamber in the whole of Holkham Hall - is a very dramatic painting of Jupiter caressing Juno. Jupiter is the supreme ruler of the gods and they are ‘husband and wife’ (and, er, also twin brother and sister!) The mythological story being told here is full of twists and turns. So here is the short version for Valentine’s day.

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Samuel Wyatt Vinery Project Update 3

Posted: February 04th 2021

by Sophie Twyford

Find out the latest new on our renovation of both the Thomas Messenger Glasshouse and Samuel Wyatt vinery at Holkham walled garden.

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What’s happening at Lady Anne’s Drive? Introducing our latest forestry and biodiversity project

Posted: January 29th 2021

As part of our Wonder journey, work is starting on the avenue of trees at Lady Anne’s Drive in Holkham. Find out what we are doing and why.

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