Holkham Estate properties


Buildings & Property Development

In addition to the Grade I listed Holkham Hall the estate manages over 300 properties, many of which are listed. Most of the properties are over 200 years old and were built to house agricultural workers and estate staff. The estate policy is to let houses to people who live and work locally in preference to second home owners. Less than five properties are let for holiday use.

The upkeep of the estate’s houses is a major task. Many tenants have lived in our houses for generations and older properties require constant maintenance and attention. The cost of utilities is an increasing burden for many occupiers and therefore insulation and affordable means of heating properties are implemented wherever possible.

The estate has its own maintenance building team and we have a policy of using traditional and natural materials, wherever possible. Lime mortar is used in preference to cement in order to allow buildings to breath. Linseed-based paints are used on core properties in preference to paints made with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Linseed paint is initially costly and time consuming to apply but it is entirely natural and provides long-term protection and long-term cost savings. The paint is imported directly from the Allback family from Sweden.