North Norfolk Marathon



The estate and individual family members support a wide range of charities and good causes. Each year we generate funds for a range of different groups and organisations. Traditionally the profits from the biannual Country Fair are given to small local charities like the Pirate Ship, to service charities like the Army Benevolent Fund and to wildlife and conservation charities. We have generated over £400,000 for small local organisations, which sometimes find it hard to attract funding.

Inevitably we receive many more requests for charitable donations than we are able to support so have adopted a charity policy. We have set out the principles that we use when assessing requests so that organisations that apply for support have an understanding of the types of causes we endorse and the criteria that we use when assessing the requests for help.

When considering requests for donations and support, preference is given to small, local, charities whose activities and influence affect the estate and our local communities. We also support charities in which members of our community play a prominent role and these do sometimes extend beyond the boundaries of the estate. The goal is to support causes in which the estate has a direct interest and this ensures that our support is meaningful and relevant.


Our communities include the town of Wells-next-the-Sea and the villages of Wighton and Warham, all the Burnhams except Burnham Deepdale, South Creake and Castle Acre.

In 2019 will be supporting charities that are active in the following areas:

  • Wildlife and nature conservation
  • Caring for elderly and homeless people
  • Supporting injured members of the armed services
  • Preserving important buildings

We prefer to make a number of smaller donations, rather than fewer large donations. If you would like to apply for a donation please write to us explaining what you intend to do with the money and how your activities are relevant to the estate and the people who live and work here. By post: Holkham Estate Office, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk NR23 1AB. By email:


The estate receives numerous requests for raffle prizes and small donations. When assessing whether we will support a particular event we consider whether its aims are relevant to the activities of the estate. We do not give raffle prizes to events and activities that take place outside a 20 mile radius of Holkham.

Events at Holkham

The hall and park are used commercially to generate income which maintains the building and the landscape. We are frequently contacted by organisations who would like to use Holkham Estate land and buildings, including Holkham National Nature Reserve, to stage events that raise money for charity. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate every request received but we are delighted to make the hall and park available for a limited number of events each year.

Holkham park is suitable for a wide range of outdoor events and activities and each year we host a variety of charity walks, running races and cycle rides as well as concerts and fairs. Holkham National Nature Reserve has limited scope for events and, due to the sensitive nature of the environment, limitations apply.

The hall is suitable for concerts and recitals for up to 175. The state rooms can also be used for receptions and lectures but the importance of the contents and configuration of the building make it a difficult venue for events that require formal catering. We do host some smaller dinners for up to 25, and up to 100 can dine in the Statue Gallery in the hall, but these events require careful planning and organisation which can be costly.

Usually we are asked we make our facilities available at no charge because it is sometimes assumed that there is no cost in opening the park or the hall. However, every event requires an element of staffing, utilities, insurance and maintenance and generally we ask the charity or organisation to meet the costs that their activities incur. We refer to this cost as the charity rate and the exact cost will vary and is dependent on the extent of access required and the type of facilities used.

As a guideline the minimum cost for opening the hall is £600 per session (morning or afternoon) and £600 per day for access to the park. These costs assume that the charity does not require exclusive access and is able to share the venue with other users.

If you would like to hold an event at Holkham please write to us at least six months in advance, describing the type of activity you would like to undertake in as much detail as possible and how it is relevant to the principles described above. When assessing whether an event is suitable we will take into account the impact that the event will have on our own activities as well as the themes and causes that we are supporting each year. We will also consider the potential impact on the building, the landscape and our communities. Please email our Events Manager, Shirley Browell at


Generally we prefer to provide the catering in our facilities and we only permit nominated caterers and third parties to undertake catering on our premises. This is because we want to be responsible for the standard of food and service offered to guests and visitors.


The Estate sponsors a number of events each year and again we prefer to endorse activities which take place here. For this reason we are delighted to be the main sponsors of the Norfolk Superhero which generates over £25,000 every year for a nominated charity. We also sponsor the Wells Triathlon. If you would like us to sponsor an event which takes place on the estate please contact the Marketing Department.