Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year Regional Winner

12th June 2014 – Congratulations to David Wroth of Holkham Farming Company who has won a prestigious award as one of the UK’s top farm sprayer operators.

David was presented his award as the Regional Winner of the Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year at the International Sprays and Sprayers event, held as part of Cereals 2014. David is a highly experienced sprayer operator, protecting a diverse range of crops across the estate’s 2200 hectares of arable land, including cereals, oilseed rape, sugar beet and potatoes.

The judges were particularly impressed by David’s skills in practical application techniques and the farm’s meticulous maintenance of the sprayer. David has put together a readily accessible ‘spares kit’, carried on the sprayer to ensure he can quickly resolve most problems and keep going when out in the field.

Syngenta Application Specialist, Ben Magri, said: “The FSOOTY Awards judges all aspects of farm spraying to identify the very best operators across the UK, and to share their skills and expertise. David has consistently shown outstanding skills and works to very high standards to achieve the best possible results. He has proved a worthy winner by demonstrating that best practice can deliver efficient, cost effective and, above all, safe crop spraying. Syngenta recognizes that the skills of the sprayer operator are paramount in achieving the potential from all our crop protection products.”

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David Wroth, Regional Winner of the Syngenta Farm Sprayer Operator of the Year